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I want to do a dump truck course.

Most of this type of training is carried out on site, however the Training Section of Saturday's "West Australian" newspaper is a training course reference point.

I want a job in the mining industry.

MARCSTA is a training association not an employment agency and is unable to assist candidates to gain employment.   The following information may assist you however.

What does a MARCSTA cost and how long does it take?

The MARCSTA Work Health and Safety Induction is an 8 hour program costing approximately $140. This fee can vary depending on what course materials are provided to you on the day.  The half day refresher course costs approximately $100.

How long is a MARCSTA valid for

Work Health and Safety Induction training must be refreshed every two years to ensure awareness of current legislative and regulatory requirements and industry practices. This refresher process would normally be undertaken through participation in the MARCSTA Refresher program or the alternative Fast Track option.

To ensure continuous currency, the card should be revalidated before the expiry date.

If the currency of the card has expired, a 'grace' period of 90 days is allowed for revalidation. Beyond this, a full eight hour induction must be completed to reinstate the currency of the card.

Do I still have to do a safety induction on site?

The Work Health and Safety Induction program does not replace employer-based site-specific safety induction programs. Candidates are required to undergo site induction relative to the operational characteristics of their employer before commencing work on any mining operations.

Completion of the MARCSTA Work Health and Safety Induction program means that site inductions can focus upon specific site needs, rather than simply repeating general safety principles.

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