Under the proposed work health and safety laws employers have increased duty of care responsibilities in regard to health, psychological health and the merits of the health of workers and working conditions. 

MARCSTA training programs are available to organisations wishing to conduct occupational health and safety training of employees.

All our courses underpin relevant units of competency from nationally accredited training packages.

The courses are based on adult learning principles, are interesting, engaging, relevant and current.  The information presented in them is based on solid research by MARCSTA, independent experts and regulatory bodies.

Training materials are supplied in a non-editable PDF format at a cost of $40 per person.

If required, your organisation's details and logo can be included in the materials as well as any other custom content you require.  Please note however that, other than at the time of purchase, content is not customizable/editable.

All the work is done for you.  You can print as many manuals as you require, dependent on an agreement authorising specific numbers.

Generally, each course comes complete with downloadable PDF versions of:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Training Manual
  • PowerPoint (ppt format)
  • Assessments
  • Assessments Scoring Guide

Should you wish to take advantage of this arrangement please contact MARCSTA on safety@marcsta.com.

Work Health and Safety Induction

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Extended Working Hours and Your Health and Safety

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Workplace Health and Well-being

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