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Replacement Cards

With the impending winding-up of MARCSTA, the Association is no longer in a position to issue replacement cards for any of its courses.

However, candidates are able to print a confirmation of their record by performing a search via the following link.

WorkSafe WA advise that candidates wishing to replace a White/Blue Card will need to provide their Statement of Attainment (for course CPCCOHS1001A) initially issued to them by MARCSTA, and present it to another RTO who may be able to re-issue a general construction induction card.

Candidates must contact the relevant RTO to discuss fee and application details.

If you cannot find your Statement of Attainment, you will need to undertake Construction Induction Training again.


Find a Registered Training Organisation that conducts Construction Induction Training

Visit WorkSafe WA for further information

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