Before you enrol for training

Read the Access and Equity and Client Service document

Candidates attending any MARCSTA induction should read the pre-course information contained in our Access and Equity and Client Service document

This pre-course information details MARCSTA’s policies on:

  1. Access and equity
  2. Code of Practice
  3. Information to Clients
    • Course information, content and vocational outcomes
    • Fees and charges, including refund policy
    • Provision for language, literacy and numeracy assistance
    • Client support
    • Flexible learning and assessment
    • Welfare and guidance services
    • Appeals and complaints
    • Staff responsibilities for access and equity
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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Learn how you will be assessed

MARCSTA training providers carry out training and assessment using course materials developed by the Association.

Written assessments are carried out at the conclusion of each element of the program and consist of three types:

  • True/False questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Written questions

The assessments are closed-book.

Candidates are required to achieve a mark of 80% for each assessment.

The program is designed for candidate participation and excessive note taking is not necessary.

After successful completion of the assessments you will be issued on the day with an interim certificate (yellow) which is valid for 30 days. Your MARCSTA card will be sent within 14 days to the address recorded on the interim certificate, which you will have verified as correct.

The MARCSTA Work Health and Safety Induction card is current for two years and must be revalidated through participation in a refresher or Fast Track program, or by repeating the initial induction.

To ensure continuous currency, the card should be revalidated before the expiry date.

If the currency of the card has expired, a 'grace' period of 90 days is allowed for revalidation . Beyond this, a full eight hour induction must be completed to reinstate the currency of the card.

Incomplete Assessments

Candidates who are unable to successfully complete the assessments are given a letter confirming their attendance, noting the interim certificate number and advising that competence was not achieved (not accredited). This letter also explains remedial training required for the candidate to have the best possible chance of achieving success in retraining and reassessment.

In this case both the white and yellow copies of the interim certificate are sent to MARCSTA with appropriate notations and a copy is retained by the training provider. The information is then entered into the database indicating attendance only

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Discover the benefits of having a MARCSTA

MARCSTA’s Work Health and Safety Induction program is designed to provide a comprehensive health and safety induction for all industry sectors.

The program ensures compliance with duty of care responsibilities and includes important, current health concerns which every employee should be aware of.

The training program is reviewed regularly.   This process involves industry, OHS training providers, equipment suppliers, the regulatory authority (the Department of Mines and Petroleum) and, where necessary, WorkSafe WA. 

MARCSTA’s training providers are licensed annually to deliver its range of safety and health programs. They must hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and have considerable safety training expertise.

Applicants for a training provider licence are independently assessed by an accreditation panel which may include industry and regulatory expertise and OH&S professionals.

Licensed training providers are available throughout the state and some other Australian states and many of them are RTO’s.

MARCSTA is an industry managed organisation operating on a not-for-profit basis to ensure quality training at a low cost. 
Its main objective is to improve occupational health and safety in the workplace.

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OHSA(WA) Symposium


Symposium to discuss the major health related initiatives in the Work Health and Safety Bill 2014.

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