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Incorporated in 1996, MARCSTA is a non-profit association providing low cost, quality comprehensive safety and health inductions for organisations contracting to the mining industry and industry in general.

All proceeds are reinvested in OHS training programs.

MARCSTA operates under the direction of a Management Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Safety and Health and not less than three other persons, all of whom are financial members (if applicable) of the Association, elected to membership of the Committee at an annual general meeting or appointed under Constitution sub-rule 10(9).

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  • Patrick Gilroy AM, Director of Safety and Health
  • Paula Sinclair, Office Administrator
  •  Geoff Taylor, Monitor Editor

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Our Mission

To be acknowledged as the standard setter in the provision of safety and health related training to the resources and associated industries.

Our Vision


  • deliver value for money;
  • never compromise on quality; and
  • provide a valuable environment for training providers to harness industry support for safety training.

Core Values

Our core values define the way we operate and provide the foundation for achieving our primary goal of total client satisfaction.

We believe in:

  • quality;
  • safety;
  • leadership; and
  • results.

We are results-orientated and respond promptly to meet our member companies and training providers' needs.


  • To develop and implement safety and health training programs for the resources and all other industry sectors.
  • To promote improvements in safety and health standards in the workplace.
  • To monitor the changing safety and training needs of employers in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements.
  • To encourage excellence in the delivery of safety and health training in the workplace.

Business Strengths and Weaknesses

MARCSTA's strengths are its industry driven base with all members of its Committee of Management directly involved in day-to-day operations, its ability to identify and service industry needs and its non-profit structure.

At a service level, it has a dedicated and capable team of licensed training providers who enjoy the industry's respect.

MARCSTA has no overt weaknesses but its overall standing with industry and its responsiveness to industry's needs must be closely monitored by its Management Committee to ensure that both these factors are given the highest priority.

Trade Mark

MARCSTA and the MARCSTA logo are registered trade marks.


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